Sex and Slaughter on the GLHC podcast? Tune in now!

The GREAT LAKES HORROR COMPANY podcast is back from its re-structuring hiatus with some new faces and a new monthly schedule (with occasional bonus episodes). It’s also now an official Library of the Damned production.

The recent changes see show creator Andrew Robertson taking a leave from the podcast to focus on the Group Hex series of horror anthologies. Sephera Giron has filled the vacancy and joins Monica S. Kuebler as co-producer of the show, and Jason White is the latest addition to our stable of interviewers.

For episode 27, which you can listen to below or on iTunes, our focus is SEX AND SLAUGHTER and all the places where horror meets the erotic. Our round-table discussion features erotic horror authors Sephera Giron (Borrowed Flesh, Mistress of the Dark), Megan Hart (Strangers of the Night, Dirty) and Nancy Kilpatrick (Revenge of the Vampir King), and then Jason puts Nancy and author Lucy Taylor (Sweetlings) on the hot seat in a pair of one-on-one conversations.

Tune in now and climb between the bloody sheets with us!

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