2017: The Year of King? THE MIST TV series trailer debuts

It’s 2017 but Stephen King properties are as hot now as they were back in the 1980s. With the much-anticipated feature film adaptations of The Dark Tower and IT dropping in August and September of this year, respectively, and several new book announcements from the author himself, King’s work is experiencing something of a second renaissance (though he’s never really been out of the mainstream spotlight during the course of his lengthy and prolific career).

Of course, IT and The Dark Tower and his upcoming collaboration with his son, Owen, are all big news, but there are more things bubbling up from the King pop culture well. Among them, a new TV version of The Mist, debuting on Spike on Thursday, June 22. Of course, the last time Hollywood tackled this story was in 2007 with Frank Darabont’s big screen incarnation.

So, what do you say, King fans, is this latest TV terror tale on your summer must-watch list?

Check out the trailer below and let us know.

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