31 Days of Halloween… with CHRIS MARRS

This installment of 31 Days of Halloween comes courtesy of Chris Marrs, who pens dark fiction with a strong literary undercurrent that often features strong characters fighting their worst fears.

She adds two new reading recommendations to our growing list of frights.

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31 Days of Halloween… with Chris Marrs

Before I dive into the questions, I would like to say thanks to Monica for having me as a part of the launch. The site looks wonderful and I wish it huge success.

kinDescribe a time when a scene in a horror novel really unnerved you or caused you to turn on all the lights.
The scene, or scenes, in Dean Koontz’s Watchers where The Outsider is trying to get into the farmhouse and then in the barn. You know it’s there. Can hear it but can’t see it.

In your opinion, what is the all-time scariest horror novel or short story?
The all-time scariest horror novel I read was Kealan Patrick Burke’s Kin. Definitely a gruesome tale but that’s not what scares me about this novel. It’s the thought that after physically surviving a horrifying ordeal like this you don’t get your life truly back. Nothing can be as it was.

What are your top three fears?
1. Losing those close to me
2. The End of the World
3. Spiders


Learn more about Chris Marrs at www.hauntedmarrs.com


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