31 Days of Halloween… with DEREK MUK

It’s Monday and we know Mondays are busy. Hell, they are even busy here in the Library. So, we won’t keep you long.

Just long enough to read this quick shot 31 Days of Halloween installment from short story writer Derek Muk, whose tales have appeared in dozens of magazines and three chapbooks (Three Parts, The Sacrifice and Other Stories, and Sin After Sin).  The Occult Files of Albert Taylor, his first full length collection of short stories, is out now.

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31 Days of Halloween… with Derek Muk

theexorcist-40thannDescribe a time when a scene in a horror novel really unnerved you.
I was unnerved when I first read The Exorcist and had to read in the company of others because I was scared.

In your opinion, what is the all-time scariest horror story?
The Exorcist, because the storyline of demonic possession was especially creepy.

Scariest story that you have written? 
A story about a museum with an exhibit of torture devices from The Inquisition.

Top 3 fears?
Heights, the ocean, the unknown.

Dive into Derek’s fiction at http://theoccultfilesofalberttaylor.wordpress.com/

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