On Mentoring, with LINDA ADDISON

Can you believe we’ve reached the end of the year already? Nope, we can’t either.

But here we are, at episode 33 of the Great Lakes Horror Company podcast, our last one of the year. Thanks to everyone who has tuned in over the past twelve months, I hope our show has both taught you something (about genre writing or the biz of genre writing) and entertained you. You may have noticed we’ve been toying with length and format over the last few episodes. This is likely to continue for a bit, as we figure out what the podcast will look like as it heads into its third year. And lastly a huge, huge, HUGE thanks to everyone who helps us make the show over on Patreon. You are our heroes.

On this month’s episode, the GLHC’s resident interviewer Jason White talks to four-time Bram Stoker Award-winning author and poet Linda Addison, who also took home the Mentor of the Year award at this year’s banquet. Linda joins us to discuss mentoring and mentorships and the rewards of both, as well as her experiences working with developing writers. Also, as of tomorrow, our $1 and up Patrons can find a bonus interview with Linda on ourĀ Patreon page in which she discusses some of the industry secrets that she shares with her mentees.

Tune in to episode 33 below, or subscribe to the Great Lakes Horror Company on iTunes, Google Music or Stitcher. Also – if you enjoy our show, please consider leaving us a five-star rating and/or review on one of those services. Your feedback not only helps us improve the show, but helps more listeners like you find us. We thank you in advance!

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