31 Days of Halloween… with LYNNE HANSEN

You may hachompve noticed that we didn’t have a 31 Days of Halloween yesterday. That’s on me. Out-of-town signing, car trouble, errands, toddler – simply no chance to make it to the computer. Apologies!

But hey, it means you get the double the awesomeness today.

Starting with our conversation with author, screenwriter, filmmaker and super fabulous advocate for girls who want to make movies, Lynne Hansen. Her short film Chomp just took home another award this weekend at the Nightmares Film Festival for Best Horror Comedy.

But what scares Lynne? Let’s find out.


* * *

31 Days of Halloween… with LYNNE HANSEN

the-reapers-are-the-angelsIn your opinion, what is the all-time scariest horror novel or short story?
The Reapers Are The Angels, by Alden Bell. It’s about a young girl on a mission across a post-apocalyptic America. Zombies are involved. You might think, “Yawn. Next.” But this novel is so beautifully written that the darkest moments are made even darker, even scarier. When I finished reading it, I immediately started back over on page one.

What’s the scariest scene and/or book you yourself have written?
I wrote a story called “Dead Memories” about a teenage girl who is visiting her Alzheimer’s-ridden grandmother in a nursing home when the dead begin to come back to life.

Your top three fears?
Being forgotten, forgetting others, and RATS!

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