In Case You Missed It: Dine with HANNIBAL

feedinghannibalCookbooks aren’t really the domain of the Library; sure, we like food as much as the next person but, to be completely honest, The Librarian is kind of a lousy cook. That said, if there’s a cookbook we can get behind, it’s Feeding Hannibal:  A Connoisseur’s Cookbook (by Janice Poon).

No, it doesn’t feature recipes made with real human parts. Sheesh, you really had to ask? Instead, we’re treated to a series of “easy-to-follow recipes inspired by the show,” created by its food stylist, Janice Poon. The recipe book doesn’t just contain instructions and lists of ingredients, however, Poon has peppered Feeding Hannibal with anecdotes from working on the series and behind-the-scenes photos from set.

So if you’re still mourning Hannibal‘s premature cancellation, cook yourself up some comfort food – faux cannibal style – and relive the gory, glory days.

Still need more convincing? Earlier this month i09 posted a sample page/recipe, check it out there.

And order your own copy of Feeding Hannibal at Amazon now.

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