Colour the ZOMBIE ‘POCALYPSE today!

zombiecoloringbookColouring books for grown-ups have been all the rage these last few years, but it seems the trend is now starting to wriggle its way into the world of horror, as evidenced here by Uncle Glenny’s Zombie ‘Pocalypse by celebrated genre illustrator Glenn Chadbourne and Dave Hinchberger.

“I love zombies,” writes “Uncle Glenny” in the book’s introduction. “I’ve loved them in all their many forms since I was a carpet crawler (or, ‘youngwun’ as they say up in this neck of the woods) when they first shambled into view on our old RCA console tube in the family living room… White Zombie with uber creepy Bela Lugosi working a herd of them on his island plantation… they staggered around, wall-eyed and moaning, powered by weird voodoo rites. There were a host of these sorts of flicks featured on Saturday creature features on the local channels…By the time I reached ‘tweenhood’ I considered myself fairly well acquainted with that particular genre of the undead; through movies of course, but also in no small measure through stacks of comics and the great old Warren magazines of the day: Creepy, Eerie, Vampirella… The seventies… brought an absolute slew of zombies on the screen. Hammer made the great gothic entry, Plague of the Zombies, and the Italian splattermeisters helmed a whole subgenre via the creeping dead…Of course George Romero served up the most famous humdinger classic of all in the late sixties… Night of the Living Dead. This is in no small part due to the phenomenal success of the TV show, The Walking Dead. I figure all that deserves a nifty coloring book!”

If bringing ghosts, ghouls and shambling rotters to life via coloured pencils sounds like fun to your inner Monster Kid,  Uncle Glenny’s Zombie ‘Pocalypse is available today at independent bookstores, Amazon and B& You can also purchase it direct from Overlook Connection Press.

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