The Great Lakes Horror Company is a horror and speculative fiction themed podcast with a focus on writers and the written word, founded by members of the Ontario Chapter of the Horror Writers Association and now produced by Expect exciting guests, rotating hosts, interviews, round-table discussions, reviews, news, writing tips and more on this monthly talk show.

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The Great Lakes Horror Company is produced by Sephera Giron, Monica S. Kuebler and Andrew Robertson, featuring additional interviews from contributors Jason White and Bill Snyder. Our theme music comes courtesy of Leslea Keurvorst.

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Great Lakes Horror Company – Ep. 036 – Gregory Lamberson
It's no secret that a lot of publishers, especially small press, struggle to keep their doors open for business. Jason White talks with Gregory Lamberson about Medallion's recent closure and how this will affect his body of work, what his future plans are, and whether or not they are still available. As Gregory is also a film maker, they also discuss Amazon's ban of Killer Rack along with the making of Johnny Gruesome.

Great Lakes Horror Company – Ep. 035 – Women in Horror Month Special 2018
It's Women in Horror Month! This year, we gather journalist Leslie Hatton, HWA President Lisa Morton, and author Morgan Sylvia around the table for our annual look at the state of women in the genre.

Great Lakes Horror Company – Ep. 034 – Remembering Jack Ketchum
On this very special memorial episode, Great Lakes Horror Company co-hosts Sephera Giron and Monica S. Kuebler look back at the life and career of horror author Jack Ketchum. From his must-read works to personal convention stories, we turn the spotlight on this influential and beloved scribe and tell you why you really should seek out his work if you haven't already.

Great Lakes Horror Company – Ep. 033 – On Mentoring, with Linda Addison
On this month's show, Jason White talks to four-time Bram Stoker Award-winning author and poet Linda Addison, who also took home the Mentor of the Year award at this year's banquet. Linda joins us to discuss mentoring and mentorships and the rewards of both, as well as her experiences working with developing writers.

Great Lakes Horror Company – Ep. 032 – Interview with Grady Hendrix
GLHC's Monica S. Kuebler in conversation with Paperbacks From Hell author Grady Hendrix about horror fiction of the '70s and '80s, in advance of the Toronto Paperbacks From Hell Live! event. Get tickets at: